Why your business needs a Social Media Manager

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Did you know that social media is the largest growing segment of the internet with over 78% of users researching a brand's social media presence before they make a purchase decision?  It's therefore vital that your business knows how to find and engage with your customers online.  Unfortunately, research shows that 9 out of 10 companies don't have a social media strategy and they report their employees don’t have the necessary skills to leverage social media as a business tool which means missed opportunities to grow their brand and convert their customers. 

Does your business have a social media strategy?  Every business needs one: if your customers are on social media, then your business should be too, or you are missing an opportunity to convert them to a buyer. Whether you want to build brand awareness, increase reach and engagement or convert online traffic into paying customers, it’s paramount that you have a cohesive strategy across all of your platforms that ties in with your overall business objectives. As little as six hours of strategic social media management a week can result in a 66% increase in lead generation and a 61% improvement in search engine rankings - those numbers alone should encourage you to consider your business's current social media strategy and how to improve it if necessary.

With that said, social media is not a case of "build it, and they will come." As a business, it’s important that you understand who your target audience is, where they spend their time online and how to strategically engage with them in a way that supports your business goals.  Once you've identified your target audience and where they hang out the key is to share relevant content by regularly reviewing social media metrics to see what type of content people are positively responding to then adjusting your strategy accordingly - it's a long-term process that requires constant review and refinement to see results.  

If your business is successfully managing the above process and you see a return on investment, then you're doing great!  Unfortunately, the reality is that most business owners focus on the daily operation, so social media often falls by the wayside which is where a Social Media Manager comes in.

A Social Media Manager helps build meaningful relationships with your online customers by planning and implementing your social media strategy and managing the day to day running of your social media channels so you can focus on your business.  Of course, you can do this yourself, but are you doing it effectively? Your company's social media platforms are often your customer's first impression of your brand, and if they are outdated or uninspiring, you may lose that customer and a potential sale.  Don't risk your brand's reputation - get in touch and let me take the stress out of your social media management.

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Morgan Bagshaw

Mama to two little people. Gin drinker. Freelance #SocialMedia Strategist & Trainer. I help businesses connect with their online audience.